Kabocha Soup with Coconut-Sriracha Swirl + Party Vegan Giveaway!

Can you stand one more post featuring the illustrious kabocha squash?  It’s not that I’m obsessed with kabochas, well okay, maybe I am.  But in a good way. The really reason they seem to be taking over my kitchen recently is because I usually have to drive an hour to find any and when I do, I buy several and roast them up to use in various ways.  Sure I could scoop the brilliant orange goodness into freezer containers to use another time (and I do) but I also keep some out to enjoy in different ways, as you’ve noticed if you’ve been following my blog.
Today, it’s soup!  It was so easy to make, it doesn’t even need a recipe.  Just cut the squash in half, scrape out the seeds and roast the squash until very soft.  I roasted this one with some shallots and then scooped the pulp into a my Vitamix (a food processor would work too) and added a couple roasted shallots, some coconut milk, a little vegetable broth, a touch of sriracha, a little grated ginger and lemongrass, and salt (to taste).  Then I just blended until very smooth and that was it.  I had reserved some of the thick coconut milk from the top of the can to garnish the bowls of soup, and a little extra sriracha as well.
The great thing about a soup like this, is you can easily change up the flavors, using different seasonings.  For example, use almond milk instead of coconut milk and swap the sriracha for chipotles in adobo, a little cumin instead of ginger and lemongrass, and you’ll have a vastly different flavor profile.
Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for: another cookbook giveaway contest!
This is the 4th and final giveaway to celebrate Vegan Mofo.  The winner will be chosen at random on 11/29 at midnight and announced on Tuesday, November 30 — the final day of Mofo! This week’s prize is a copy of my newest book:  Party Vegan!
Party Vegan isn’t just about cooking for holidays and special occasions, although there’s lots of that in there too. But it’s also about casual meals and celebrating the little things with family and friends. So the question to answer in order to enter the contest is this: “How do you like to ‘party vegan’?” Just leave a comment at the end of this post.
Thanksgiving Notes:I’m very excited to announce that some of my Thanksgiving recipes are featured on the Food Network site.

For these and more of my holiday recipes, visit Vegan.com.  You can also find some of my recipes in the VegNews Holiday e-book and in Nava Atlas’ Thanksgiving e-book.  With all these sources, there’s no excuse not to have a vegan Thanksgiving dinner!

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


85 responses to “Kabocha Soup with Coconut-Sriracha Swirl + Party Vegan Giveaway!”

  1. meave says :

    I party vegan with a potluck! Preferably brunch, so you can serve food from any mealtime, start drinking before noon, and eat all day with your best pals.

  2. Millie says :

    I bought party vegan & vegan on the cheap for my daughter in law for Christmas and I got vegan on the cheap for myself, it is fantastic…but I did not buy Party Vegan for myself…so here I am hoping I can win it. Robin your books are all great and I know my daughter in law and I will both enjoy all the recipes on vegan on the cheap…this cookbook is AWESOME..

  3. Colleen says :

    I love to “party vegan” with a smorgasbord of various vegan treats (cookies, pomegranates, sushi, etc). I like it when making those delicious treats is a part of the party – that way everyone can see how easy it is to make it all!

  4. Ree says :

    I like to party vegan with plenty of dips and spreads on crunchy veggies or crackers/pita chips. YUM

  5. ellie says :

    I like to party vegan with my awesome vegan nachos.

  6. JASSandMoo says :

    I like to party vegan by letting my awesome vegan food stand on its own!

  7. Megan says :

    Mmm… I love kabocha squash.

    I love making lots of sushi and cupcakes. Everyone else can bring the rest.

  8. Sharen says :

    To say “Yum” to the photo of the cheescacke is simply too inadequate!

  9. *Autumn Tao* says :

    I love to make amazing vegan food for parties and holidays and wow people with them. My seitan strogonoff is a always a hit, as well as chocolate cupcakes with vanilla bean icing. It's my form of activism. I love when people ask me for recipes too… so I know vegan cooking is happening in many other kitchens thanks to me.

  10. punkinseeds says :

    I like to party vegan by bringing a vegan dish like gluten free lentil, butternut squash potpie to every of our local ADF ( neo-pagan druid/ rituals.These are ALWAYS the most popular dishes.

  11. Maggie says :

    I'd opt to party vegan “Fiesta” style–with margaritas, and Mexican-themed veggie fare (like seitan fajitas, guacamole, salsa, home-made bean dip, etc.)

  12. Elaine says :

    I like to party vegan with foods I can make ahead, so I can enjoy time with my family and friends.

  13. Elaine says :

    I like to party vegan with dishes I can prepare in advance, especially foods with Mediterranean flavors.

  14. OmnivoreNoMore says :

    i like to party vegan by drinking soy nog and eating lots of bruschetta. wish i had some now…

  15. Desina V says :

    Oh my, that looks amazing!

    I like to party vegan by presenting a table full of amazing vegan food. I recently had a dinner party for my mother than included a variety of food types – five different types of Thai/Vietnamese salad rolls, a seven layer dip with corn chips, elegant filo pastries, Thai noodles, babaganoush and more.

    It was so worth it, and fortunately I had printed copies of the recipes and extra of the sauces, because there were requests! None of the guests were not vegan.

  16. Azzahar says :

    I like basing my meal on baked potatoes: incredibly cheap, people like it and helps make thing unofficial

  17. steinks says :

    I like to party vegan ALL THE TIME. Our group of friends is so close, we make dinner together a few times a week if not more. I love surprising my non-vegan friends with something that they would never guess is animal-product free!

  18. Jennie Kerwood says :

    I like to “vegan party” with my daughter, who is an amazing cook! She and I both love your cookbooks, and we enjoy suggesting different recipes for the other to try. I also keep spare copies of Vegan Planet on hand to lend to people, so they can “vegan party,” too, even for every day meals. Your cookbooks are great for new/wannabe vegetarians, as well as old-timers like me.

  19. trilby says :

    Of course I do more elaborate menus sometimes, but my favorite way to entertain is with a big kettle of wonderful soup and fresh homemade bread.
    My guests always approve!

  20. bjthompso@comcast.net says :

    Would love some Party ideas to share with my family and friends during the holidays

  21. Leinana says :

    I would love a copy of Party Vegan! My favorite way to party vegan is to serve an assortment of vegan finger foods & hors d'oeuvres: mini black bean sliders, “meat” balls, “crab” cakes, a variety of dips & pates, and of course a variety of sweet bites too, like mini tarts and cupcakes. It's the perfect way for vegans and omnis alike to get to sample several different delicious vegan creations!

  22. Vegun Chef says :

    I party vegan with a theme, a matching table scape, and at least 4 courses.

  23. Dani says :

    I'm a new vegan, but I imagine partying isn't much different as long as it's with friends and people I love. We celebrated a vegan Thanksgiving with meat-eating friends that ask lots of questions to show them it really isn't hard to make a yummy meal without animal products!

  24. Georgie says :

    I like to party vegan by veganising the parties from my childhood. My next party is going to be an all-vegan Aussie BBQ Christmas. I'm thinking soy-cream trifle, creamy pasta salad, and charred “snags” on the BBQ with lots of tomato sauce (ketchup for you Americans : D )

  25. Quiltbug says :

    I am sadly lacking when it comes to ideas for party vegan food. I end up taking veggies and hummus every single time. I enjoy that but I would like something new and exciting to present to friends and family

  26. The Kuntrageous Vegan says :

    I like to party vegan with an out of this world alcoholic punch, appetizers that don't require napkins or utensils, and desserts that are mini sized.

  27. ceci says :

    Thanks for a chance for the cookbook giveaway… I'm also a huge fan of potlucks. I've been to plenty and i usually like to bring something new and different each time.

  28. NIH says :

    To party vegan, I like to contribute a vegan foods to a potluck that includes non-vegan food to show folks that non-weird and yummy stuff comes from plants!

  29. maureen says :

    I like to Party Vegan, with a group of my friends, vegan and non-vegan. We get together, drink, talk, argue. Then when it's time to eat I like to WOW them with whatever vegan treat (savory or sweet) that gets scarfed down with out a crumb left, before anyone asks me if it's vegan.

  30. Brandi says :

    I like to party vegan with my family who don't know they are eating vegan food and absolutely love the food!

  31. Kimberly says :

    I like to party vegan with some kind of enthic theme, like indian food or mexican food or ethipian food. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. Tami says :

    I like when people try the vegan food I bring to parties and like it better than the non-vegan versions.

  33. primmgirl says :

    I like to party vegan by bringing a dish that isn't too far of a leap and having recipe cards with me so that when someone asks for it…it is right there for them! They are more likely to try it sooner rather than later if they do not have to wait on me to remember to send it in an email 🙂

  34. Nancy G says :

    I need help with social hours! And that is one of your books that I don't have yet!!!!

  35. Apfelmusbeet says :

    When partying I'm all about fingerfood. Several dips and veggie sticks plus some homemade bread are all it takes. There will also always be some kind of dessert since that's what I love preparing most!

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