La Befana and Party Vegan Giveaway!

While many of us know today is the feast of the Ephiphany or “trree kings,” as they used to say back home, today is also La Befana day.

LaBefana is an old woman of Italian folklore who delivers gifts throughout Italy on the night before Epiphany. La Befana is usually portrayed as an old lady wearing a black shawl and riding on a broomstick. She is often depicted as smiling, carrying a bag filled with gifts, and covered in soot because, like Santa Claus, she enters houses through the chimney, leaving toys and candy for the good children and coal or garlic for bad children. She is also said to sweep the floor before she leaves a house. Much like leaving cookies and milk for Santa, Italian families typically leave a glass of wine and a small plate of food for La Befana. In some regions, the food includes broccoli and sausage (!).
Just in case the legend is true, I made some pasta with broccoli and vegan sausage so I could leave a snack for La Befana, along with some good Italian wine – a crisp vernachia from San Gimignano. I don’t mind if LaBefana leaves me garlic (who can’t use more garlic?) instead of candy, as long as she sweeps my house before she leaves!

Cookbook Giveaway: In honor of LaBefana, I’m giving away a gift to one lucky someone – a copy of my latest book, Party Vegan! Much more than a “party” book, Party Vegan is filled with great recipes and menus for everyday meals as well as special occasions throughout the year, from a guy-friendly Super Bowl party to a New Year’s Eve appetizer party.
To enter: leave a comment at the end of this post.
For a second chance to win: link to this post from your blog, Facebook, or Twitter and then leave a second post, telling me you did so. That’s it! I’ll choose the winner at random (using on Wednesday, January 12 at midnight EST. The winner will be announced here on Thursday, January 13.

124 responses to “La Befana and Party Vegan Giveaway!”

  1. Ree says :

    Thanks for the contest. Looks like it would be a great book to win. Vegan parties are such fun and this would make them even better!!

  2. Rebecca says :

    Yay a vegan cookbook giveaway!

  3. Nia says :

    It woiuld be amazing to win this book! A lovely Befana present 🙂

  4. Nia says :

    I have linked this post on my twitter.

    Forgot to add in my previous post, one of my favourite ways to eat pasta was with broccoli and pork. I'm not vegan but I like your recipes so much, that I have limited animal products to a minimum. Now I eat my pasta with broccoli, figs and nuts.

  5. Rasmus says :

    Somehow, I always end up cooking at almost every party I attend, so getting this book would be really great so that I can give my non-vegan friends even better party foods.

  6. PJ says :

    Lovely give-away 🙂

  7. laurelvb says :

    La Befana – leaves presents AND cleans your house! Who needs Conde Nast's jolly old elf when you can get someone to gift you for cleaning up after you? I love her. I believe La Befana, I believe.

  8. bonnie says :

    I would love to win this book! I have your slow cooker and “Vegan on the Cheap” books and they have become “go-to” books for me.

  9. katie says :

    i adore garlic, so i'll be on my worst behavior 🙂

    i'd love to win this book – it'd be such a wonderful addition to my cookbook shelf!

  10. Erin says :

    What an AWESOME idea for a book! I have a hard time knowing what to make for parties that isn't a full entree! I'd love to learn how to make vegan party food!

  11. lownleeeynjul says :

    Hello, well as so many others I would love to get my hands on your book!

  12. jannequin says :

    I posted this on FB! Always lovely to have one of your books gracing my shelves 🙂

  13. Simona says :

    Wow Robin, you know about la befana more than I do, and I'd lived in Italy for 30 years…..broccoli and sausage…

  14. Simona says :

    linked on my fb

  15. Bethany says :

    I have a couple of your fantastic cookbooks, and would love to get my hands on this one!

  16. An American in Merida says :

    the holidays, with all non vegan family visiting has not been kind to me. Back to the joys of vegan eating, and for the super bowl, its ALL VEGAN in this house!

  17. Anonymous says :

    I just found your blog, luckily since, I just became totally vegan. I would love a chance to win a copy of your book. Thanks Dianne

  18. tapas says :

    Would love to win a copy of Party Vegan!

  19. trilby says :

    I already own 5 of your cookbooks. They are some of the most used ones on the shelves

  20. Lolly says :

    I just discovered your blog and the first thing I see is this great giveaway! Count me in! Now I am off to read the rest of your blogs! Happy New Year!


  21. Jenn says :

    Haha. I'm with you on the garlic. Sometimes it pays to be bad. 🙂

  22. Heather D-H says :

    La Befana looks and sounds an awful lot like a “witch” I wonder if there is an origin here to be researched…

  23. apricotqueen says :

    I love vegan cookbooks! I'd love to win it!

  24. Elizabeth says :

    My cookbook shelf could always use another volume.

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