That’s my boy!

5 responses to “GARY”

  1. Susan says :

    I am compelled to crawl through my laptop screen and plant gigantic kisses all over that adorable face.

  2. Robin at Vegan Planet says :

    I totally understand, Susan. It's a miracle I get anything done during the day — I spend so much time giving Gary “kissy-cats” on his forehead (that's where he likes to get kisses).

  3. punkinseeds says :

    I have five purr-fect cats who I find quite distracting too!!My boy Jack my gray and white charmer with a face similar to Gary needs a least two daily face nuzzles and forehead rubs to feel complete. Daniel, a gorgeous red tabby boy needs daily lap time and Cocoa a little female black kitten needs full body snuggle when I get up every morning. Tommie a silver gray a white beauty is my hubby's girl but likes a lap nap when she can get one and Darla is a basement lurking black girl who lives to sleep in laundry and get cuddled every time I change a load.

  4. Robin at Vegan Planet says :

    Your 5 kitties do sound purr-fect, punkinseeds! I hope to adopt another kitty one of these days — there's always room for one more!

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