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The Great Brownie Debate

Anyone who thinks “a brownie is a brownie” will have to think again after reading through the comments in the brownie poll. With well over 100 people (and counting) voting for their favorites, the “fudgy brownie” faction overtook the “cakey brownie” proponents by a landslide. Interestingly, almost equal in number to the cakey brownie lovers are those who enjoy either or both kinds of brownies or “something in between.” The question of “nuts” vs. “no nuts” favors “yes to nuts,” with many respondents either not addressing the nut issue or listing other additions. Here’s how the numbers look as of this writing. Out of 115 votes (including a few that came via e-mail):

Prefer Fudgy Brownies: 74
Prefer Cakey Brownies: 19
Enjoy Both Kinds: 22
“Yes” to Nuts: 42
“No” to Nuts: 27

What I found most amazing is how passionately descriptive everyone is about the type of brownie they prefer, as well as the creative riffs on traditional brownie recipes that many of you shared, including additions from cayenne, mint, nutmeg, and peanut butter, to topping them with pecans glazed with hot sauce and peach preserves, and even adding chunks of brownies to brownie batter for a double-dose of brownie goodness — now that’s decadent!

As promised, I have randomly chosen someone to receive a copy of Vegan Fire and Spice for taking part in this poll. The winner is: Kiersten — (Kiersten, please e-mail me with your mailing address and I’ll get a book right out to you.)

I want to extend a big thank you to everyone who participated in the brownie poll — I wish I could give each one of you a nice big freshly baked custom-made brownie of your choice!

Brownies, Take Two…and a Book Giveaway

After the swift disappearance of the first pan of brownies from my last post, my brownie-addicted husband was looking for more, so I made another batch, this time with just a whisper of walnuts as the only addition. As you can see in the photo, these are very cakey brownies—the only kind Jon likes (see previous post).

It got me to wondering if everyone else is as strict in their brownie specifications as he is, so I’m conducting a totally non-scientific poll: What kind of brownies do you prefer? Cakey? Fudgey? With nuts? Without nuts?

As an incentive to participate in this poll, I will randomly choose one of the commenters to send a copy of my book, Vegan Fire & Spice (or another title, if you already have it). So, let’s make some brownie points! Describe your favorite kind of brownies.