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Curry Love

I enjoy making Thai curries from scratch, however, I don’t always have the time or ingredients on hand to make it happen. The fact is, there isn’t a lime leaf or piece of lemongrass to be found within an hour of my house, so when I run out of ingredients it can often be several weeks before I replenish my supplies. That’s why I was intrigued when the folks at Curry Love sent me samples of their new line of organic curry sauces. They come in three flavors: Passion Red Thai Curry (hot), Luscious Yellow Thai Curry (mild), and an intriguing Blissful Banana Ginger flavor (medium-hot) — I think I’ll use that one to make some laksa.

I tried the mild yellow curry first, and it smelled wonderful right out of the jar. After stir-frying some onion, carrot, and tofu, I added some steamed broccoli and the curry sauce and simmered it all together for a few minutes. To serve, I spooned it over brown rice and garnished it with a sprinkling of cashews and cilantro. It was as flavorful as the yellow curries I’ve had at Thai restaurants, and I expect the other flavors will be equally good. When I’m too busy to cook and crave some curry, it’s good to know a quick and easy meal is as close as my pantry.