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Ducks…and More Ducks

My husband and I are fortunate to share our property with lots of wildlife (actually, it’s they who share it with us). As you can see in the photos, the ducks have been too cute for words these days.

The first photo shows Eleanor and Sam coming to the front door to ask for their breakfast. They do this whenever I’m running late with their morning corn. The ducks order us around pretty regularly, as do the rabbits, woodchucks, cardinals, and bluejays. The deer already ate our pea and bean plants, so it’s Round Two for the vegetable garden.

The second photo is Delilah and her adorable new babies that she paraded up from the pond to give us a closer look.

Our cat Gary doesn’t quite know what to make of the ducks — he looks at them from the window, then looks at us with his “question mark” look. Apparently, ducks aren’t in his data base.