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Hot Dogs Wellington

About once a year, usually around Labor Day, we get a hankering for hot dogs.  For the most part, we stay away from highly processed foods, and I’m actually not crazy about the vegan hot dogs available in my area anyway.  (In fact, I’m working on perfecting my own healthy vegan hot dogs, but it’s still a work in progress.) 
This year instead of the usual dog-in-a-bun, I made some fancy-pants hot dogs, or as I like to call them, Hot Dogs Wellington.  (You know how much I like to “play” with food!)
First, I grilled the hot dogs and then put them on a plate to cool.  I made a small batch of impromptu chili by combining some TVP granules with ketchup, relish and chili powder.  After heating the chili to bring out the flavor, I let it cool as well.  While the hot dogs and chili were cooling, a sheet of vegan puff pastry was thawing.
To assemble, I cut the pastry into 4 equal pieces and rolled them out a little. I then spooned a line of the chili onto each piece of pastry, topped it with a hot dog, topped the hot dog with mustard, and nestled a thin strip of dill pickle next to the hot dog.  The pastry was then wrapped around the hot dog and its toppings and baked until nicely browned.
Served with coleslaw and some extra mustard, this made a very fun — if not exactly traditional — Labor Day meal.  I can’t wait until next year — by then I will be using my own hot dog recipe!