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Kabocha Soup with Coconut-Sriracha Swirl + Party Vegan Giveaway!

Can you stand one more post featuring the illustrious kabocha squash?  It’s not that I’m obsessed with kabochas, well okay, maybe I am.  But in a good way. The really reason they seem to be taking over my kitchen recently is because I usually have to drive an hour to find any and when I do, I buy several and roast them up to use in various ways.  Sure I could scoop the brilliant orange goodness into freezer containers to use another time (and I do) but I also keep some out to enjoy in different ways, as you’ve noticed if you’ve been following my blog.
Today, it’s soup!  It was so easy to make, it doesn’t even need a recipe.  Just cut the squash in half, scrape out the seeds and roast the squash until very soft.  I roasted this one with some shallots and then scooped the pulp into a my Vitamix (a food processor would work too) and added a couple roasted shallots, some coconut milk, a little vegetable broth, a touch of sriracha, a little grated ginger and lemongrass, and salt (to taste).  Then I just blended until very smooth and that was it.  I had reserved some of the thick coconut milk from the top of the can to garnish the bowls of soup, and a little extra sriracha as well.
The great thing about a soup like this, is you can easily change up the flavors, using different seasonings.  For example, use almond milk instead of coconut milk and swap the sriracha for chipotles in adobo, a little cumin instead of ginger and lemongrass, and you’ll have a vastly different flavor profile.
Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for: another cookbook giveaway contest!
This is the 4th and final giveaway to celebrate Vegan Mofo.  The winner will be chosen at random on 11/29 at midnight and announced on Tuesday, November 30 — the final day of Mofo! This week’s prize is a copy of my newest book:  Party Vegan!
Party Vegan isn’t just about cooking for holidays and special occasions, although there’s lots of that in there too. But it’s also about casual meals and celebrating the little things with family and friends. So the question to answer in order to enter the contest is this: “How do you like to ‘party vegan’?” Just leave a comment at the end of this post.
Thanksgiving Notes:I’m very excited to announce that some of my Thanksgiving recipes are featured on the Food Network site.

For these and more of my holiday recipes, visit  You can also find some of my recipes in the VegNews Holiday e-book and in Nava Atlas’ Thanksgiving e-book.  With all these sources, there’s no excuse not to have a vegan Thanksgiving dinner!

I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!