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When Life Gives You Blackberries: Make “Ice Cream”!

I can’t believe it’s already October. I have no idea where September went, let alone the entire summer.
In an effort to recapture one final sliver of summer, I made homemade blackberry (dairy-free) ice cream yesterday. I used a container of coulis from my freezer stash made from our own blackberries picked what now seems like ages ago.
Rather than following a recipe, I simply combined the thawed coulis with a container of chilled MimicCreme in my ice cream maker. Since the coulis and MimicCreme were both already sweetened, there was no need for additional sugar, and having them both icy cold made them transform into a delicious vegan ice cream in no time.
I scooped it into dessert glasses and topped it with a spoonful of the rich coulis as a burst of pure blackberry goodness. Before long we were enjoying summer again, one luscious purple spoonful at a time.