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Quick-Fix Vegan Now Available

Today is the official release date for my new book, Quick-Fix Vegan.  And since this is my “Tester Tuesday” MoFo post, it seems fitting to feature some recipe tester photos from the new book. Above is the Green Papaya and Tofu Salad. Here are a few more of my favorites — this is Curried Pasta with Chickpeas and Chutney:

Here is Shortcut Mushroom-Artichoke Risotto:

And these little cuties are Ginger-Cashew Chocolate Truffles:

In a recent post I listed many of the recipe titles in Quick-Fix Vegan, plus there’s the handy “look inside” feature on Amazon.  This new cookbook is like a companion volume (or volume 2) to my earlier book, Quick-Fix Vegetarian (which was also vegan, btw).  
If you like quick and easy vegan food (and who doesn’t?), I hope you’ll get my new “quick-fix” book. Sample recipes coming soon!