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Pistachio-Stuffed Grapes

When I saw a pile of humungous seedless green grapes at the store last week, I said, “Wow, those are so big, you could stuff them!”  So what else could I do but follow through on the idea to see how they’d turn out.

I happened to have some leftover ground pistachios from the Baklava Palmiers (see previous post), so the base for my stuffing was obvious. Almost like destiny.  As if fate had played a hand in making these stuffed grapes a reality.

I wanted to add a little sweetness to the pistachios for the filling so I blended them with an ever-so-small amount of peach jam.  I then hollowed out several grapes, and viola.

I was surprised by two things:
1. They’re easier to make than I thought they’d be.
2. They taste even better than I thought they would.

They taste so good in fact, that Jon and I were popping them in our mouths as fast as I could make them.  Somehow, I managed to snap a quick pic of a few of them, just to show you how cute they are. I garnished some with mint, others with a whole pistachios.  Some had a little grape cap.  Fun with grapes!

Notice my “shiitake happens” mug in the background.  I love that mug.  I got it at the mushroom “museum” in Kennett Square, Pa.

More fun with grapes:  You probably already do this with grapes, but for a quick and refreshing treat, remove seedless grapes from their stems, wash the grapes well, dry them, then freeze them for a refreshing frozen treat.  So good!