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Quick-Fix Veg*n

I’ve had several people ask me if the recipes in my book Quick-Fix Vegetarian are vegan, and I’m happy to say “Yes! the fast-and-easy recipes in Quick-Fix Vegetarian are vegan. I’m sorry for any confusion and I hope lacto-ovo-vegetarians and omnivores, too, will discover how delicious (and quick) these recipes are. I’ve been very pleased with the great compliments Quick-Fix Vegetarian has received. Here are a few:

Thankfully, Robin Robertson understands that recipes don’t need to be complicated, voluminous, or inaccessible to be delicious….The simplicity of these 150 recipes is what makes them perfect.
–VegNews Magazine

If you think being vegetarian is boring, then read this book! It’s full of mouth-watering recipes that are quick and easy to prepare, making it a perfect introduction to vegetarian living.

People who rarely cook but wish they could put more time into homemade meals will find Quick-Fix Vegetarian a genuine treasure.

Most people live a hectic lifestyle these days, and any quick-and-easy vegetarian cookbook is greatly appreciated.
–Vegetarian Journal