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Thanksgiving Dinner 2011

After all my pre-Thanksgiving posts with new recipes for the holiday table, I actually ended up with a slightly revised menu than I had planned.  Since I had just made all those new dishes last week, when it came time to actually cook for Thursday’s big meal, it went something like this: When I told Jon I planned to make the pumpkin tiramisu, he said, “You just made that last week.  Can we have an apple pie instead?” So I made an apple pie which turned out to b the BEST apple pie I’ve ever had in my life.  The secret? Stayman apples!  I never used Staymans before and now I will never use anything else for pies.  Wow, what a flavor.

When I mentioned I was making the new green bean recipe, Jon said, “That was good, but you’re going to make the casserole with those fried onion rings, right?”  For my own part, I opted against the “en croute” part of the seitan roast, feeling that we’d have enough carbs without a pasty crust on the main dish.  Instead I glazed the roast with a cranberry-port glaze.  I made the loaded mashed potato casserole, the chestnut-porcini gravy, and roasted sweet potatoes with pecans and cranberries.  I used mango jam to make my cranberry sauce because I still didn’t replenish my supply of lime marmalade.

So there you have it.  Some old dishes, some new.  All delicious.  What did you have for Thanksgiving dinner?