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Gifts that Keep on Giving

On a day that is overrun with chocolate, hearts, and flowers, I want to suggest a few gift ideas that are none of those things.  They are, instead, amazing (and diverse) books, two of which you can buy in e-book form for instant gratification! These gifts will keep on giving long after the flowers have wilted and the chocolate has been eaten. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The first is a young adult novel that would be a great gift for any adolescents in your life. It’s called The Adventures of Vivian Sharpe: Vegan Superhero.  Written by Marla Rose, it is a poignant and inspiring story. I enjoyed it thoroughly and it made me wish there had been a book like this available when I was that age.  Thank you Marla for bringing a vegan option to young adult fiction.


My next suggestion is for anyone you know who wants to explore a vegan lifestyle.  The Ultimate Vegan Guide by Erik Marcus is the ultimate bargain on Amazon.  At only 99 cents, it’s less expensive than the cheapest Valentine’s Day card, but packed with a king’s ransom of information about vegan living, including nutrition, food shopping, nutrition, travel, dining out, and much more.


For all the pizza lovers in your life, consider this brand new book by Mark Sutton: Heart Healthy Pizza: Over 100 Recipes for the Most Nutritious Pizza in the World.  Loaded with an astonishing array of sauces, crusts (many gluten-free), and toppings, these all-vegan pizzas contain no added oil and are made with a wide variety of vegetables, grains, beans, and other plant-based ingredients. (Note: this book is not yet available in an e-book format.)

Two Great New Books

It’s not every day that a new book, much less two, crosses my path that actually makes me unbury myself from my own work and take notice. In the growing list of great books designed to enrich the lives of vegans (and those who want to be!) here are two gems:

In his new book, The Ultimate Vegan Guide, Erik Marcus distills and demystifies the many facets of “going vegan” in one easy-to-read and entertaining volume. In this thorough and fun guide, Erik offers advice and tips gleaned from his 20-years of personal experience as a vegan. The book covers virtually every aspect of a vegan lifestyle from nutrition and cooking, to dining out and grocery shopping, as well as a great section on activism and outreach.

Alisa Fleming, founder of, wrote and published a terrific new book called Go Dairy Free. In addition to being an excellent resource for dairy-free living, Go Dairy Free provides nutrition tips, a guide to dairy alternatives, and 225 tempting recipes. This comprehensive book also contains an in-depth health section on dairy-related illnesses, food allergy and vegan-friendly resources, helpful shopping information and much more.