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Vegan Queso Pizza

Guess what I discovered?  The White Bean Queso Dip from the previous post also makes a fantastic pizza topping (and I imagine it would be great in quesadillas as well).

For best results, use the queso dip after it has been chilled or at least come to room temperature.  Spread it on your favorite pizza dough and top with your favorite toppings.  I used halved and pitted kalamata olives and pickled jalapeno slices.  After it was baked I sprinkled on shredded romaine lettuce for some cooling and crunchy greens.  It was so good: spicy and creamy from the queso; salty from the olives; more spicy from the jalapenos; and totally yum from the pizza crust!

Other toppings that would be good are crumbled vegan chorizo or other crumbled vegan sausage; minced scallions; or bell pepper strips.  I could also see finishing it off with some chopped cilantro in addition to (or instead of) the lettuce.