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September Soup

It happened again. Soon after Labor Day, the magic wand that makes me want to prepare soups instead of salads waved over me again. Without missing a beat, I got out the soup pot the other day and put together this luscious French Lentil and Spinach Soup.

It’s not that I don’t make any soups during the summer, but the ones I tend to make are lighter brothy soups, chilled soups, or Asian soups. Not the hearty lentil or bean soups that I associate with colder weather.

Savoring this wonderful lentil soup, I realize that the loss has been mine. Next summer, I plan to keep some hearty soups on the menu — they’re just too good to give them the summer off!

In the news…

I’m still on Cloud 9 1/2 from the splendiferous review of Vegan on the Cheap in the September+October issue of VegNews Magazine. “Culinary gem” has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?

The interview I did with Vegan Culinary Experience is in their current issue.

A big thanks to Mark at SoulVeggie for the wonderful review of Vegan on the Cheap and to Betsy at The Blooming Platter for the great review of Vegan Unplugged.

And congrats to Krys at Two Vegan Boys for her prize-winning chile pot pie. As you may know, when she’s not busy winning contests and taking care of her adorable sons, Krys has been cooking through all the recipes from Vegan on the Cheap — and she’s well on her way through the entire book. 

I hope everyone is enjoying this cooler weather. I know I am!