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Sunday is for Slow Cookers

I’m taking a break from my frenzy of Jack O’Lantern food today.  Well, not really, because I’m actually making another Jack O’Lantern-ized dish for tonight’s dinner, but it won’t be ready to show you until tomorrow.
Since today is Slow Cooker Sunday, today’s post includes three more tester photos from my upcoming slow cooker book. Jill Pascal has been testing recipes and took these photos that look so good, I wish I had them all cooking in my slow cookers right now.  Above is the tutti-fruiti cobbler (served with Jill’s homemade ice cream). Next is some yummy-looking colcannon (what’s not to love about mashed potatoes and kale?):

And finally, a loaf of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bread — perfect for this time of year!

Is it slow cooker Sunday at your house?