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National Feral Cat Day: Meet Jason

On Facebook today, I posted about this being National Feral Cat Day. Visit Alley Cat Allies to find out how you can help these wonderful cats.  I realized that not all of my blog readers also follow me on Facebook, so I thought I’d repost this information here as well as tell you a bit about the feral cat we share our lives with.  Meet Jason Jeff Robertson.
Jason is our beloved semi-feral cat. He “came with the house” when we moved here — the previous owner called him “Kitty Brother” — he fed him daily but he remained feral. He’s about 9 years old now and he lets me pet him, though he remains cautious. Jon built him a great house on our deck and Jason seems content to be “semi-feral” — he loves being in the woods on our property, but enjoys the refuge of his house in bad weather, as well as the love, attention, food, and water he gets from us daily.
Jason resembles our cat Gary, so much so that when we first saw Jason, we thought Gary had escaped the house — although in reality, Gary is about twice Jason’s size.  Gary and Jason “play” with each other through the glass storm door.  Mitzki doesn’t care for Jason, but then she’s not all that crazy about Gary either. 
Here’s another photo of Jason, this time sitting on the roof of our shed:
Please visit Alley Cat Allies and do what you can to help feral cats.  They need our support!